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ahimsa haven lifers - emma

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Imagine a collie, known for their beautiful coats, NAKED? That was Emma when we first saw her. In a high kill shelter, with no fur from flea dermatitis! She had a hard time walking, too, since she was an older lady with arthritis. But something in those sweet collie eyes just begged to be rescued and before long Emma was on her way to our founder's home for some much needed medical care and love! It took a while for Emma to really trust people - she was very well behaved, but there was something missing in those expressive eyes. Eventually Emma's hair grew back, her limp went away with medications, and love and warmth returned to eyes that initially showed only hopelessness. Emma is now so bonded with her foster mom that when we did find her a home of her own she was obviously panic stricken at being away from the house she considered hers and only lasted 24 hours there! She spent the entire time frantically pacing and trying to jump out of windows! Back to our founder's home she went, and now Emma lives with her foster mom forever!